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This listing marketing strategy secures $20k retainers from top agents

Want to close deals, move into the luxury real estate space or simply boost your monthly revenue? We’ve laid out the exact listing campaign strategy you need to succeed in this new wave of social media marketing.

Social media content marketing is the new meta for top real estate agents. But as more real estate media companies begin to understand this, it’s only going to become increasingly harder for the content you produce to deliver the results you promise.

Whether you own a luxury-focused agency or are an up-and-coming agency owner, the answer is the same: Be bold. Be different. And always be innovating.

This creative marketing strategy embodies that.

Here’s the breakdown:

Results that Matter

You know it. We know it. A lot of real estate marketing advice is generic and not actually worth any value. So before you have any doubts, here’s proof that this strategy works:

Top real estate agent Michael Bacon recently used this strategy to sell a record-setting $2.7 million home in 20 days.

From my own experience working with agency owners to scale, other social media-forward agents will want to emulate a similar strategy — and are willing to put the money where their mouth is. That means up to $20k/month retainers to produce content like this.

One of our own long-time ACRE Partners, Bronson Carmichael has sold $30k in social media packages like this one — and he’s just getting started.

The only thing standing in your way is executing.

Executing the Strategy

This high-level social video campaign strategy focuses on two essential aspects: marketing a new listing and promoting the agent. Here's a breakdown of our approach:

  • Teaser Videos (10-30 seconds) – Agents should be distributing these videos to their entire network to maximize exposure and interest.

    • Pre-Listing Teaser: Build anticipation by showcasing enticing glimpses of the property's unique features, location, or amenities.

    • Coming Soon Teaser: Creative videos, like this one, will only help drive the potential virality of the video.

    • Lifestyle Teaser: Create an emotional connection by showcasing how the property enhances the desired lifestyle of potential buyers.

  • Listing Launch Videos (30-60 seconds) – This is your chance to make a lasting impression. Ideally, your listing launch video should have the most audience engagement because that’s the video you want potential buyers to see.

    • Property Showcase: Present a visually stunning overview of the listing's key features, highlighting its standout attributes and amenities.

    • Virtual Tour: Offer a virtual walkthrough of the property, providing viewers with an immersive experience that highlights its flow and layout.

  • Sales Success Videos (15-45 seconds) – Don’t let the marketing campaign fizzle out as soon as a property is sold. Leverage a successful sale to highlight an agent’s track record.

    • Numbers: How much did the property sell for? How quick was the sale?

    • Testimonials: Feature satisfied buyers or sellers sharing their positive experiences working with the agent and the successful outcome of the transaction.

    • Before and After: Show the transformation of the property, emphasizing the agent's expertise and ability to maximize value for their clients.

  • Agent Spotlight Video (30-60 seconds) – Help agents become the go-to choice for prospective buyers or sellers by showcasing their qualifications, experience, and personal approach.

    • Introduction: Begin with a captivating opening, introducing the agent and their role in the real estate industry.

    • Podcast Highlights: Incorporate snippets or highlights from the agent's podcast episodes, featuring insightful conversations and valuable advice.

    • Agent B-roll: Include visually appealing footage of the agent engaging with clients, showcasing their professionalism, communication skills, and personal touch.

    • Testimonials: Integrate brief client testimonials that emphasize your exceptional service, trustworthiness, and successful outcomes.

    • Contact Information: Conclude the video with clear contact details, encouraging viewers to reach out for their real estate needs.

Maximizing Exposure and Interest

Producing content and posting is only half the job. Strategic distribution and promotion can make or break the success of a listing campaign.

Here’s how to maximize exposure and interest of a listing:

  • Share the videos across relevant social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

  • Boost reach and engagement by running targeted ads on social media platforms, focusing on the desired audience demographics.

  • Embed the videos on your website, listing portals, and real estate websites to capture additional views and interest.

  • Incorporate the videos in your email newsletters or dedicated property updates to engage with potential buyers and sellers directly.

Selling this Strategy to Agents

Don't quite know how to execute this strategy at a high-level? ACRE Partner has several channels of support.

Our dedicated coaches have hands-on experience building the operations it takes to produce social content. They also know the exact messaging to use to close retainers with top agents.

Join us and get an even more comprehensive breakdown of exactly how to achieve this, in addition to a dynamic community of winners, exclusive Mastermind sessions and business-growing sales workshops!

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