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The 3-Step Streamlining Strategy That Will Save Your Business Thousands

Scaling your business comes with a multitude of operational challenges. These three steps will ensure you do so in the most streamlined way possible, while freeing up time and money for yourself. 

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You didn’t get into the real estate media business because you loved operations. None of us did. 

But it’s a skill all great business owners need to master — because it can make or break your team’s performance and your bottom line. 

So here’s a simple three-step process for streamlining operations. Stick to this process and you’ll never have to deal with those headaches ever again. 

Here's the breakdown:


Cut out the excess. Straight up. 

Take a cue from my own experience running a seven-figure agency. We stopped shooting in 4K when we realized most clients didn’t value it. Instead, we shifted to 1080p and opted for JPEG over RAW format. This seemingly small decision significantly accelerated our workflow without sacrificing quality. 

Eliminating is always the first step. Never automate something that can be eliminated. 


Once you've trimmed the fat, it's time to automate. 

Think of any repetitive, tedious tasks your team spends hours on every week. Automation is your savior. 

We made the switch from manual to automatic scheduling, a move that saved us countless hours previously spent on logistical planning. With scheduling taken care of, we were able to redirect our focus toward client engagement and cultivating more referrals.

Streamlining our operations — in just that one aspect — ended up earning us thousands of dollars in more revenue. 

Never delegate something that can be automated. 


Finally, smart delegation can amplify your efficiency. 

When you delegate effectively, you’re getting one of two tradeoffs:

  1. Time for More Money: Focus on enhancing skills that directly contribute to your business growth. For instance, dedicating time to set up a brokerage presentation a week can have a substantial impact on your annual revenue.

  1. Money for More Time: When tasks could be done at a lower rate by someone else, delegate. If outsourcing a task for $25/hr saves you an hour worth $100, you're not just saving $75; you're also gaining an extra hour to earn more.


Ultimately, this approach is about making every action and investment count toward building your dream real estate media company.

Remember, efficiency is not about doing more; it's about doing what matters most. By eliminating unnecessary tasks, embracing automation and delegating effectively, you'll gain the time and resources needed to focus on what you love while simultaneously driving profitability and success.

Want to tap into even more exclusive knowledge? Join our over 50+ member community of top real estate media agency owners. DM us @acrepartner on Instagram to start scaling your business and building your dream. We win together! 

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