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We Worked with 10,000 Real Estate Agents — Here’s What They All Want

To become a better business owner, you need to understand your clients. Here are the 8 types of real estate agents you’ll come across, and how to best work with them.

Character types describing the different types of real estate agents one encounters in the real estate media industry

The minute you begin understanding your clients better is the minute your business can start to reach its full potential.

From our work over the years with over 10,000 agents, we found that most agents fall into 1 of 8 of these archetypes. Read this article, learn these archetypes and their wants and needs by heart and you’ll be able to close like you’ve never before. 

Here are the 8 archetypes you need to know:

The Optimizer

Imagine Sarah, a tech-savvy CEO of a fast-growing real estate firm. She's just implemented a new AI system to speed up property evaluations. Sarah has her day planned to the minute and trusts her assistant, Jake, to manage the minutiae. When Jake looks for a photography partner, he needs someone who gets it – no fuss, just results. If you can make Jake's life easier, you've made Sarah's life easier.

  • Seeks efficiency in every business aspect.

  • Prioritizes straightforward processes and effortless booking.

  • Prefers concise, direct communication.

  • Leans on executive assistants for most tasks.

  • Focused on scaling and expanding.

  • Welcomes value-added insights and network introductions.

  • Strategies:

  • Streamlined Communication: Use clear, concise emails with bullet points. Consider tools like Calendly for them to pick available slots.

  • Automated Systems: Provide online forms for easy booking and requests.

  • Predictive Services: Analyze their needs and anticipate their next move. For instance, if they recently booked a standard package, offer them an upgrade for the next shoot.

  • Products They Might Like:

  • ACRE Partnership Retainers: Predictability and consistency align with their mindset.

  • Custom Packages: Tailored to their specific needs.

  • One Point of Contact: They'd appreciate having a dedicated liaison for faster and efficient communication.

The Action Taker

Meet Jamal. He's the kind of agent who's closed three deals before noon. Once, while stuck in traffic, he secured a listing over the phone. Time is of the essence for Jamal. When he sees value, he pounces. If you can show him how your service gets him ahead faster, he's all in.

  • Driven by results and immediacy.

  • Quick-paced, but attentive when shown value.

  • Craves clear solutions, expectations, and deliverable timelines.

  • Easily swayed by compelling offers, showing readiness to experiment.

  • Strategies:

  • Immediate Response: Swift communication shows you value their time.

  • Clear Timelines: Offer clear timelines from shooting to delivery.

  • Value Proposition: Highlight the benefits and results of your services upfront.

  • Products They Might Like:

  • Promotions: They're quick to pounce on a great deal.

  • New Products: Present the latest innovations that can bring them value.

  • Intro Offers: Special offers for new services to entice them to take action.

The Social Butterfly

Lisa's the agent everyone in town seems to know. She's always at community events, charity galas, or local coffee shops, chatting away. Last week, she spent twenty minutes discussing her weekend escapade before diving into business. With Lisa, it's all about connection. Win her over, and she'll rave about you on her Instagram Live, complete with shout-outs and tags.

  • Enjoys engaging in lively conversations and bonding.

  • Highly active on social platforms; tags and promotes eagerly.

  • Cherishes personal connections.

  • Converts into long-term fans and prolific reviewers when won over.

  • Strategies:

  • Engage on Social Media: Like, comment, and interact with them on their posts.

  • Personal Touch: Send birthday or holiday cards, or occasional thank-you notes.

  • Rapport Building: Share stories, ask about their weekend, and genuinely listen.

  • Products They Might Like:

  • Home Intro/Outro: Personalized touch to their listings.

  • Social Media Reels: Feed their online presence.

  • Care Package: Personalized packages that cater to their brand and personality.

The Protagonist

Daniel is known to surprise his clients with housewarming gifts after a sale. He once brought sandwiches for a moving crew during lunchtime. When working with vendors, he treats them as partners. The last time a photographer had a family emergency, Daniel not only understood but also sent flowers. Show genuine care, and Daniel will advocate for you, always.

  • Staunchly supportive and values ethical dealings.

  • Kind-hearted; often goes above and beyond.

  • Prioritizes mutual respect and humane treatment.

  • Wins over with genuine interactions, reciprocates with lifelong loyalty.

  • Strategies:

  • Build Trust: Always keep promises and be transparent.

  • Acknowledgment: Recognize their kindness and loyalty. A simple "thank you" can go a long way.

  • Go the Extra Mile: Occasionally do something extra for them without being asked.

  • Products They Might Like:

  • Premier Package: Quality service for a quality individual.

  • Custom Packages: Tailored offerings to show you care about their unique needs.

  • Care Package Retainer: A consistent flow of premium content.

The Movie Star

Vanessa walks into a room, and heads turn. Not just because of her striking attire but because she's the agent who just made headlines selling that historic mansion. She expects the red-carpet treatment - and why shouldn’t she? Her brand is luxury. When working with Vanessa, make her feel like the A-lister she is, offering premium content that mirrors her brand's exclusivity.

  • Seeks to be in the limelight.

  • Proud of their brand; demands upscale treatment.

  • Expects superior content quality reflecting their persona.

  • Attracted to bespoke content: personalized videos, on-trend social content, and branding.

  • Name-drop allure; occasionally expects added value in return.

  • Strategies:

  • VIP Treatment: Always make them feel special.

  • Trend Insights: Keep them updated on the latest real estate media trends.

  • Personalized Service: Tailor every interaction to fit their brand and style.

  • Products They Might Like:

  • Luxury Package: Only the best for them.

  • Home Intro/Outro: Personalized touch to their listings.

  • CPD & Social Media Reels: Enhance their online brand presence.

The Wholesaler

Think of Raj as the wise owl. He doesn’t want the cheapest; he wants the best value. He's loyal to brands that deliver consistently. Just like his trusty Toyota that's never failed him in the past decade, he seeks partners that provide consistent, reliable value.

  • Values dependability over frills.

  • Seeks a balance between quality and cost.

  • Not swayed solely by price tags; sees through the value offered.

  • Comparable to dependable brands; offers consistency.

  • Strategies:

  • Value Offers: Showcase the balance of quality and cost in your offerings.

  • Loyalty Benefits: Offer incentives for long-term partnerships.

  • Transparency: Break down costs and benefits for clarity.

  • Products They Might Like:

  • Care Package: Dependable and valuable.

  • ACRE Partnership Retainers: Cost-effective for continuous business.

  • Highlight Package: Best features at a reasonable price.

The Shopper

Elena has a keen eye for deals. She loves sharing stories of how she snagged a designer suit at half-price or negotiated a steal on a property. When you offer her a package, she’s calculating its worth and comparing it with others. Offer Elena an exclusive, and she feels she’s won – making her more likely to commit.

  • Ever vigilant for the best market deals.

  • Puts vendors in a comparative light; your expertise is your edge.

  • Enjoys the thrill of negotiation.

  • Loyalty leans towards favorable deals.

  • Highly responsive to exclusive offers and referral benefits.

  • Strategies:

  • Competitive Pricing: Match or beat competitors' offers.

  • Exclusive Deals: Offer limited-time promotions or bundles.

  • Referral Benefits: Offer discounts or benefits for referrals.

  • Products They Might Like:

  • Monthly Canvas Promotions: Regular deals to keep them engaged.

  • Intro Offers: Special rates for new services.

  • Referral Program: Incentives for bringing in new business.

The Advocate

Meet Carlos. The last time his photography partner launched a new service, Carlos introduced it to three broker friends even before trying it himself. He’s always thinking of collaborations and joint ventures. To Carlos, it’s not just business; it’s partnership. Prove your value, and he'll introduce you to everyone he knows.

  • Naturally supportive, valuing your time and expertise.

  • Actively refers, pushing for your success.

  • Ideal for introductions within the industry.

  • Treats you as an ally, not just a service provider.

  • Strategies:

  • Partnership Building: Engage in joint ventures or collaborations.

  • Acknowledgment: Recognize and reward their loyalty and referrals.

  • Involve Them in Processes: Ask for feedback or involve them in new product testing.

  • Products They Might Like:

  • Select Package: Quality service for a top-tier partner.

  • Care Package: Consistency and quality in one package.

  • ACRE Partnership Retainers: Recognizing and rewarding a strong partnership.

If you found this resource helpful and want to tap into even more exclusive knowledge, join our over 50+ member community of top real estate media agency owners. Interested? DM us @acrepartner on Instagram to start scaling your business and building your dream. 

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