Winning Over The Whales - How To Close Top Teams and Brokerage Deals

You’ve done all the hard work. You’re in the door with a top producer, a worthy team, or even a big brokerage. Now, it’s all about closing out. Here’s exactly how, from pitching a room of agents to securing a deal with a one-on-one meeting.

In addition to founding and building marketing agencies like ACRE Partner and Aerial Canvas, Brendan Hsu is passionate about mentoring up-and-comers in the industry.

The thoughts and strategies outlined in this article are taken from two coaching sessions Brendan held with ACRE partners eager to nail an important brokerage meeting.

In case you missed it, here’s Part 1 and Part 2 in the series on Winning Bigger Clients.

The Big Group Meeting

From cold calling potential clients to navigating through all the “no”s you’ve been told, you have done a lot of work up to this point. Finally, you secured a meeting with a brokerage.

But the task at hand isn’t finished.

So, what now?

How to Tell A Story to Clients

You want to start the meeting making sure everyone feels good. Don’t be afraid to get personal — that’s where you can form a true connection. Ask them where they’re from, what their passions and hobbies are.

Then, transition into the start of your meeting. Right off the bat, tell the agents and brokers in the room your “why” — why you went into this business, some industry connections you’ve made to establish a reputation, and most of all, what your own story is.

Tie yourself to a larger, transformative vision that everyone can align with.

In a group setting, the best way to secure a partnership is using a story. Story sells. Your story should tie together with your journey, your why, your mission and vision for your business and your clients.

It’s not just about increasing your sales by “X” amount. Numbers are needed to back your services up, of course. But save that for the one-on-one meetings you’ll secure from this group presentation, particularly if the client is a practical type (more on that later).

Instead of “My marketing agency has increased revenue by x% based on Package #1,” say “I’m here to change the way real estate marketing is done — and I want you to be on that journey with me.”

And don’t stop there. Throughout the presentation, continue selling your story.

Pitch yourself, not just as a vendor, but as a long-term partner. Someone there to help them maximize marketing and consult them on better solutions.

Tell them your services are all about connecting them with their ideal audience, engaging with clients better and taking their agency to the next level.

Help them realize all the potential you can help unlock: “When you're in the same room as your competitor, I want marketing to be the very last thing that holds you back from winning that listing.”

Connecting with Clients in the Room

It’s just as important to connect with your clients on an individualized basis. One quick and easy way to do that is to change your language. Instead of saying “you guys,” say “you.”

Another way is to engage with your audience through interactive questions. After a show of hands, take that feedback and translate them to showcase why you are the best for the job.

“Who here has a go-to photographer?”

Their relationship with their photographer doesn’t need to be cut off if they start doing business with you. Instead, help them understand you are there to enhance that relationship. As a growing agency, you can possibly hire those photographers or work with them on a contract basis. Or coach them on creating better content that works on social media.

“Who here has worked with video before? What did that do for your listings? Was there anything you wished went better with your experience?”

Their prior experiences with video, whether good or bad, can be used to your advantage. If it drove sales, leverage that knowledge as proof of concept that marketing with video sells listings quicker. If they had bad experiences, showcase your emphasis on customer satisfaction and consistent product quality. And most importantly, video works. Top brands and agents are all consistently investing in video because it is creating a ROI.

The One-on-One