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Generate Hundreds of Warm Leads with This Social Media Outreach Strategy

Learn the exclusive strategy that has helped grow some of our partners’ agencies to $50k+ a month — all from social media outreach.

Social media outreach is no joke. We’ve seen agencies generate consistent leads to help boost their revenue, month after month. 

But what is the process of social media outreach actually like? We’re here to demystify the power of social media selling. 

Why? Because it’s the most powerful marketing tool you have — and not nearly enough people are taking advantage of it. 

Here’s the breakdown:

Step 1: Understanding Outreach

Why should you focus on social media outreach? Let’s face it — if we spent more time talking with warm, qualified leads rather than chasing around cold leads or, worse, relying solely on referrals, we would all make more money and have more time to enjoy life. 

If you don’t have consistent leads, you don’t have a sustainable business.

That’s where social media outreach comes into play. 

Social media outreach increases visibility and lets you engage with leads more effectively. Ultimately, the goal is to use social media outreach as a funnel for closing deals and sales. 

By building natural connections via social media, you can engage in more meaningful conversations with qualified prospects than you would picking up the phone and cold calling leads from a realtors website. 

Remember, outreach is a numbers game. The more messages you send, the more conversations you have and the more revenue you will generate.

Step 2: Profile Optimization

Your profile is your digital storefront. A well-optimized profile can 10x your reply rate. Here’s how to make yours stand out:

  • Make sure your name, location and profile picture are clear and professional.

  • Bio: Include what you do, where you serve and always offer free value through your Link in Bio.

  • Story Highlights: Highlights help establish immediate authority and trustworthiness. Ideal highlights can include wins, portfolio, your story, testimonials, FAQ and lifestyle/personality selections.

  • Consistent Quality Content: If you aren’t posting great photos and investing in short-form video content consistently, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. By consistently posting, you’re remaining top of mind to prospective clients — and showing that you walk the walk when it comes to the content game. 

Want to make sure your social media profile is optimized? Book a call with us for a free 15-minute consultation call to audit your social media presence. 

Step 3: Crafting the Perfect Message

The first message you send is crucial. It sets the tone for the entire conversation. In other words, it can make or break your outreach efforts.

Here’s the formula for successful initial DMs: 

A Personalized First Line + A Genuine Compliment

The combination of these two creates the perfect word track that will make you stand out from the rest of the competition. By personalizing the DM, you’re signaling to prospects that they’re worth the effort past simply copying/pasting. And a genuine compliment is far more likely to get a response rather than an immediate hard sell.

Invest in these 3 steps, and you’re likely to start racking up warm leads and closing deals by the end of the month. Don’t know where to start? ACRE Partner has a plug-and-play social media outreach platform to handle all of your social media marketing needs for you. DM us @ACREPartner on Instagram to learn more — trust us, it’s sure to be worth it. 

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