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The Domino Strategy: Transform Your Business in Weeks

The Domino Strategy will change the way you run your business. Learn to take charge and leverage your proactivity in game-changing fashion.

Operations — the ins and outs of your business, making revenue, decreasing expenses, managing teams — is only one side of being a business owner. The other is mindset. And it’s just as important, if not more. 

The number one goal of our coaching, here at ACRE Partner, is not only to give our partners all the necessary resources and tools to succeed, but to also transform mindsets. Because without a growth mindset of a hungry entrepreneur, you can have all the strategies and tactics you want. But you’ll never execute on them. And that’s basically worth nothing. Strategy without action is just a big nothing burger. 

Luckily, the Domino Strategy is a framework you can adopt to help motivate you to take action instead of being passive. 

Here’s the breakdown: 

The Domino Strategy

Every business owner has goals. It’s not hard to set them — the difficulty comes in the execution. 

The Domino Strategy is a solution to inaction.

Picture a chain of dominoes all lined up, each one larger than the one before. The physics are fascinating: one domino can knock over another up to 150% its size. All you need to do is tip over the first domino, and the rest fall, triggered by that one flashpoint at the very start. 

In other words, work backwards — break up your big goals into progressively smaller actionable objectives that ladder up. Every week, block out some time to focus on those business-building tasks. With consistency and diligence, you’ll be knocking down some big goals within months.

Case Study: At Work in the Real Estate Media Industry

For real estate media agency owners — photographers and videographers like you who help market real estate listings — the Domino Strategy can be a game-changer. 

Imagine your big goal is to become the go-to media agency for luxury real estate agents in your area. It's an exciting goal, but the path to get there might seem unclear or overwhelming.

Start by identifying the smallest domino you can tip over today. Maybe it’s reaching out to a new real estate agent to offer a free trial of your services. This small action is manageable and sets off a chain reaction. One successful trial could lead to a referral, which could then lead to more clients, and eventually, you’re making partnerships with brokerages and skyrocketing to the top of the list of media agencies in your area.

At the end of the day, nothing is stopping you from taking all these proactive steps to improving your business and closing more deals — nothing except your mindset. If you make a promise to yourself to spend time every week setting up and knocking down dominoes — no matter how small you think they are — it will make a difference in the long-term. Ultimately, that’s how a business survives: Through smart decision-making and proactive hustle, even when it’s easier to coast and stagnate in place. 

Want to transform your mindset and turn around your business? Want more industry insights and strategies? Here at ACRE Partner, we have the answers and we get results. It’s proven in our sales, marketing, team and systems knowledge. 

DM us @acrepartner on Instagram to join our over 50+ member FREE community of top real estate media agency owners to connect, learn and grow together. 

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