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The Best Kept Secrets In
Real Estate

Through shared strategies and values, we better align on more opportunities, innovate for the industry, and stay cutting-edge.

Become A Guest Speaker

We Ask The Harder Questions

We're not here just to small talk. We dig deeper.

We expect honesty (no filter). We expect better answers.

Real Connections

How to develop a 5-star experience for your customers to become brand ambassadors

Proven Strategies

How to keep accountability within your organization and incentivize performance

Relevant Tactics

How to develop a strong culture to foster growth, dedication, and long-term careers

Deep Insights

How to scale sustainably, maximize impact, regain time, and leverage resources to scale

Lasting Inspiration

How to build the support staff and scalable systems to handle client requests

We Love That Our Listeners
Have High Expectations

We know our audience want to be inspired, on the edge of their seats, on the forefront of innovation, and ready to implement what they hear.


How to introduce new products and increase your average deal value


How to position & optimize your business on social media and your website


How to sell top producers, work with better clients, get volume deals, and close luxury projects


How to build brokerage partnerships and secure retainers


How to build and attract the right team. Whom to hire and when to hire

Share Your Message

collaborate with ambitious agency owners

Together, now we have a better way of staying connected. Through shared values, we align on more opportunities, innovate for the masses, and stay cutting-edge. Our ambitious founders help each other out every day over text chat, video chat, and the phone. This is where powerful connections, partnerships, and friendships are born each and every day.

2 Exclusive

Founder Channels

5 All Gold Partner

5 All Silver Partner Channels

Motivational Speaker

Live Masterminds & Events

lead by top producers, innovators, and experts

Join more intimate mastermind with 5-10 other founders & CEOs. In these masterminds, you can share what's working for you, what's not working for you, set your goals, and have your peers hold you accountable to achieve your goals.

1 Live Monthly Mastermind

& Access All Previous Sessions

25% Discount on Events & Tickets


Access Assets & E-Trainings

proven to close brokerages and large contracts

We share with you unique marketing assets that are used to close top teams and large brokerages of over 1,000+ agents. These assets include brokerage presentations, large project proposals, dedicated trainings on referrals, and so much more.

Trainings with Key Focuses on Sales/Partnerships

4 White-Labeled Key Assets for Growth


Discount on

Additional Assets

Assets & Trainings.webp

Dedicated Mentorship

proven to close brokerages and large contracts

Accountability is key to growth. With dedicated mentorship, you have Brendan, the founder, holding you to a higher standard and checking in monthly on your development through one dedicated coaching session. We also include up two sessions to cover broader topics by a team of experts in varying departments from Project Management to Video Editing.

Monthly Premium Consulting Sessions

2 Monthly General Consulting Sessions

25% Discount on


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Is Your Story
Worth Sharing?

Apply Below for Consideration as a Featured Guest for this Season!

Become A Guest Speaker

12 Episodes / 12 Guests Per Season

Larger Reach. Proven Strategies. More Meaningful Impact.

By partnering with only top agencies and ambitious business leaders, our members (Top Freelancers, Agencies, Companies in the Real Estate Marketing Industry) gain an unfair advantage over other players - a key differentiator and true competitive edge.

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